As a a notary public registered with the Consulate General of Brazil in Boston we can provide you a service with quality and in many case you don’t have to go in person.

To have legal effects in Brazil, all documents issued abroad must be authenticated by a Brazilian Consular Office.

The Consulate General of Brazil in Boston can only authenticate documents that have been signed within this Consulate’s jurisdiction: states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The translation of documents from English to Portuguese must be done in Brazil by an official translator.

Procedure for authentication:

1) For School documents: affidavits, transcripts, school statements can be authenticated provided that all pages of the documentation carry the school’s raised seal or the school’s rubber stamp and the signature of one of the following: School Principal, Guidance Counselor or by the Registrar.

  • For diplomas and certificates only the original can be authenticated.

2) For Official documents (i.e., birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, documents issued by the USDA – United States Department of Agriculture).The Consulate can only authenticate the original document or a certified copy issued by the competent government office. Photocopies will not be accepted.

3) For other documents (i.e., power-of-attorneys, commercial bids, contracts, agreements, invoices, affidavits) other documents must be signed before a notary public registered with the Consulate General of Brazil in Boston.

Documents notarized by a non-registered notary public must be certified by the appropriate Secretary of State (addresses below) prior to its authentication at the Consulate.

  • Tourist Visas
  • Travel Authorization for Minors
  • CPF Regularization
  • Power of Attorney, ETC.
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