Come to Alpha Taxes for:

  • Quality and speedy services at a great price
  • Individual detailed attention while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality
  • Expertise of our up-to-date staff and professionals
  • Competent and friendly environment and staff
  • Assurance that your taxes are in the right hands!

What do you pay?

The price of income tax returns fluctuates on a case to case basis. Essentially, the cost is based on the intricacy of each return, though we certainly can provide an estimate of the cost prior to the completion of your income tax return. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our completion of your taxes, you can simply refuse to accept the prepared return and you will not be charged.

Currently, we are offering our new clients a discounted price for 1040EZ tax returns forms with only one W-2 form for $35.00.

Advantages of choosing Alpha Taxes:

  • Accurately prepared federal and state income tax returns- we guarantee you pay the least amount legally possible
  • Free e-filing
  • Free year-round tax advice
  • Assurance that our service is protected by Triple Guarantee
  • New customers meet the requirements for New Client Deal
  • Returning customers qualify for Alpha Gold Card benefits

Call Alpha Taxes at (781) 393-0101 for a quote on your income tax return and other services. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you decide to not accept what we have prepared, you will not be charged.



What our clients have to say:

“Querido Carlos, Eu e o Márcio queremos agradecer a você por tudo que fez por nós nesse “ordeal” desse mortgage. Muito, muito obrigado por todas as vees que mesmo a gente desanimado, você nunca desistiu de tentar. Por isso eu louvo a Deus pela sua vida. Não tem como pagar você, mas tem como orar e agradecer a Deus por tudo que você fez pela gente.”

Additional Tax Preparation Services Available:

  • Checking and e-filing of self-prepared returns
  • Expedited Tax Refund Products
  • Back Taxes
  • Extensions
  • Amendments
  • IRS and/or State of Massachusetts Audit Assistance

Alpha Staff

Serving the Greater Boston area since 1991, we are the best-equipped and most affordable option for your financial needs. We take care of the numbers, so you can sit back and relax!

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